Gag of the Week, No. 5

This one came from a conversation I had with a friend from work.

I originally had an extra panel between panels 2 and 3, but I realized after I finished inking it didn’t really work. I kept the square format for ease of reading it online, and having it be three across or three down seemed even weirder.

And FYI: I’m moving next week, so there might not be a gag.

Gag of the Week Number 1

As a way to keep my drawing muscles warmed up, and to try to keep my creativity on it’s toes, I’m going to take on the drawing challenge of having to draw a gag a week. To make sure I keep my nose to the grindstone and don’t slack, I’ve granted Meg Hunt the power to give me shit and to call me *bitch* or *bitch-ass* as she sees fit. This might not seem like a big deal, but I’d like to point out that even though anyone can call me a bitch, this will be an official, Jonathan sanctioned calling of *bitch* or *bitch-ass* which totally makes all the difference.

Besides all of this *bitch* talk, it will also make sure I’m posting at least once a week.

Here’s for this week: