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A tiny thing that stresses me out: Thank you cards. I always feel like I should make a new one every time I want to send one out, but it’s always a much longer project than I think it will be, or I just get lazy and don’t make it and then don’t send it out. I always feel super-lame buying them, because I’m picky and it feels impersonal and then I always think to myself, ‘Why would I pay for that crap when I could just make them!’

Can you see my dilemma?

Year after year, I think to myself – I should just design a thank you card and then print them up so I always have them on hand. It’s the best of both worlds – it’s more personal than buying them, but without the hassle of having to make a new one each time.

Anyhow, I did a set of four for the great people at First Second to wish them a happy holidays and thanks for all of the work they put into making Americus. They’re all Apathea based.

Here are the other three:

I decided that I’ll print the Liskot one at the top of this post and use that for my thank you cards for the coming year. I love that lizard man!

And if you haven’t noticed, things have been really quiet  – no posts, no Diary of a Space Marine, etc. There’s a couple of reasons for that. If you like reading about excuses, read more after the cut!

I’ll be honest, one is Skyrim. I wasn’t even going to buy it, but then my buddy Todd kept talking about it and I caved and bought it on a whim like a week after it came out. I had never played and Elder Scrolls game before, and I have to say, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

Another is that I really feel like I need to be focusing on my next book. Diary of a Space Marine was supposed to be a way to keep myself drawing as I wrote. But then it became something that was taking up too much of my time and then I wasn’t writing. I would still like to do it, if I have the time, but right now it has to go on hiatus.

On the plus side, I have been writing. I haven’t say down and turned it into thumbnails so I can give it a page count, but I think it’ll be around 50-60 pages, bringing the total to roughly 150. I’m hoping to get it in order so that I can start drawing the first chapter so that I can send it out to see if I can get any bites from publishers.

And then of course – Thanksgiving and the holidays. December’s looking pretty booked already, between family visiting, writing, and then some freelance work. I’ll probably take some time to write a year-in-review post and then have some things here and there, but expect it to be pretty quiet here for awhile.




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