I’m working, I swear!

So I know that things have been a little quiet lately, but I swear I’m working. It’s just for a secret project that MK and I are getting together for SPX, and I don’t want to spoil any of it. That, and we’ve been filling out a shit-ton of promo stuff for the Americus release.

I did have to do some work this week for the Pacific Northwest Inlander out of Spokane, which I can share. It was for an article about how people can write bad reviews on Yelp anonymously to bring a restaurant’s score down. You can read the article here.

Also some exciting news regarding Americus:

First off, we got news last week that Americus was chosen as one of the 2011 ABC New Voice titles. Here’s the little blurb we got:

“The ABC New Voices titles are chosen by a dedicated committee of independent booksellers around the country (chaired by Cathy Berner in Houston). Only twenty titles are chosen every year – ten middle grade and ten young adult – written by outstanding first time authors.”

And one of the first major reviews for book is out at Publisher’s Weekly. Check it out!

Okay, now back to working on secret stuff…

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