Knocker’s Up!

Here’s my piece for next month’s show at the Basil Hallward Gallery in Powell’s. I can’t remember what the name of the show is, but basically they found a bunch of old, bad records and handed them out to a bunch of different artists. It was then the artist’s job to use that record as inspiration or whatever. I decided to cover the record cover [Get it. Ha ha? Eh…Sorry, I couldn’t help myself].

Here’s the original record cover:

And here’s my cover-cover:

How often does the chance to draw a woman’s breasts beating the crap out of some dudes come up and have it displayed in a public place? How could I resist?

I just hope my mom doesn’t see it…

One thought on “Knocker’s Up!

  1. Hey Jonathan, Ray here. Checked out your stuff. Impressed as always. Cool new digs too.

    Rock on Dude…..


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