This is like a week too late, but this was the illustration I was working on to celebrate getting to see Neko Case at the Edgefield last week with Jen, MK, and Greg.

I haven’t really worked on anything finished in a couple of weeks, and I feel really rusty, so I’m not completely stoked for this illustration. I’m a little bummed because I’ve been wanting to do this image for a long time and now that I finally have, it isn’t exactly how I wanted it to turn out.

I’m hoping to get out of the funk this week by being super productive. I think I’m just at a weird crossroads where I don’t know what I want to do with my art life right now. I feel like I need to change things up a bit and rethink how I do things. Hopefully the projects that I have on my plate this summer will help with that.

In non-existential crisis news: I got the light table working! It was as simple as finding the right light bulbs! They are discontinuing the kind of light bulbs it needs next year, so I will eventually have to rewire the whole thing and change the ballasts, but for now it’s good to go. Well, besides that I still need to get the glass and frost it, which is on my agenda for later in the week.

Anyhow, here a picture it all of it’s lit up glory!

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