Mixed Media FTW!

Still busy writing, though we got some last minute editing requests from :01 regarding Americus, which goes to the printer in three weeks.  Just when I keep thinking it’s all done and done there’s still more to do. Looks like it’s crunch time!

Though I will say that I’m kind of happy because I have been itching to draw some pages, even if they’re for the book I thought I finished, and I think the changes proposed will really, really help the book be better.

Anyhow, got some work for the WW this week. Nice to do some drawing and take a break from writing, and to also break my new brushes in.

And yes, those are real, scanned eraser shavings, found in plenty below my drafting table. Though i had to digitally color them to match the eraser the teacher is driving cause they were originally white. Does that count as mixed media?

Don’t forget that I’m still taking art donations for the upcoming online art auction to benefit the Washington School for the Deaf. Get more details here.

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