Last minute Americus pencils

So like I mentioned before, I had to do some last minute editing changes for Americus this week. Some of that included drawing new pages. I had to send them pencils to make sure that everything was exactly how they wanted it to save myself some redrawing if it wasn’t. It’s not very often that I document pencils, so I thought I would share them here.

I know, they’re pretty boring and look just like my inks. Ha. I guess there’s a reason I don’t really document them.

[Note: These pages will be added to the end of the climax of Chapter 2. If you want to read the entirety of this scene, you can read it online here.]

In case you were wondering, there was one last change that had to be made, and that’s the portrait in panel 5 on the first page. It needed to be a more natural picture showing the Burns family happy, not a posed family portrait.

Also, if you haven’t gotten the chance, Jason & I played the casting call game with Americus the last two weeks on the Save Apathea blog. We have an both indie and Hollywood versions of the film. He made two really awesome posters for each version. I can’t express how awesome they are. Check them out. They’re good for a laugh.

2 thoughts on “Last minute Americus pencils

  1. I like Ellie laying on the bed with her arms dangling over the side. Nice pose.

    I don’t think I saw a page of your pencils the whole time we worked on the book. It’s cool to see them now. Good job matching the pages from years ago.

    • Thanks, Greg. I have to give credit for Ellie’s pose to MK. She had it in the script, and I thought it was pretty great, too.

      Ha. Funny you never saw pencils, though it doesn’t surprise me. Like I mentioned, it’s not something that I document very often.

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