‘Pressure & Release’ linework preview

So there’s an art show happening next month at the Local 5 gallery featuring art by people that work at Powell’s. The theme is ‘Pressure & Release’ and people were asked to give an honest portrayal of ones working experience.

I’m doing a piece, and I’m going to try to paint it with some simple washes. With high probability that I will screw it up, I scanned it in as insurance so that if worse comes to worse, I can color it digitally.

Anyhow, here’s the linework. I’ll post the finished piece, whether it turns out well or not, just so everyone can see how it went.

Also: There are still a lot of great pieces available at the auction for WSD. The auction got extended another week, too! Check it out.

MoCCA Apathea print

Here’s a quick mock-up of a print that MK & I will be doing as a promotional thing at MoCCA, which she will be attending. The colors might not be final, but the jist of the image is there.

End of post crazy rambling: While working on this, I thought of something, which I’ve thought of very frequently while I’ve been drawing lately. I’m horribly, incredibly dependent on line. I’m horrible at thinking in terms of shape and form. It’s something that I really, really need to work on. Might be worth it to play around doing some exercises that involve practicing developing that.

Teaser illustration – Gogu

So I have been doing a lot of work this week, but I can’t really show much of it because it was getting stuff together for the pitch to :01. I sent it out on Tuesday, so keep your fingers crossed. They’re busy folk, so I don’t expect to hear from them for awhile, but lets hope they’re interested.

I still plan on working on a lot of the development stuff like character designs and what not, and I thought it wouldn’t be too big a deal if I shared some of what I was working on. So here’s a finished ink drawing of one of the minor characters:

Have a good weekend!