Studio Away From Home

It’s kind of a lousy picture, but here’s what my makeshift workspace looks like at my Pa’s house while I stay down here to help him out. I’ve been down here a week, and I am only now able to get into a bit of a rhythm to draw. I think part of me was psyching myself out because I’m such a creature of habit and ritual, and in my head if I am not at my table in my studio with my supplies, I can’t draw. And then there’s just getting used our schedule and the other stuff I have to do around the house.

I have a lot of free time down here, and I’m hoping that I can utilize it and be productive. Fingers crossed.

One thought on “Studio Away From Home

  1. Hi Jonathan, I am Barbara Curia and work with your dad here at Ft. Irwin. I spoke with him on the phone a couple of hours ago and he said he was in the hospital. I am concerned about him and wondered what hospital he was in and if he is up to having visitors. If you could email me back or call me at 760 386 1055 that would be great. Again, all of us at work are concerned about your dad. He is such a great guy and I really miss him. Thanks! Barb

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