48 Minute Comic

This is late, but last week I was asked by the Willamette Week to collaborate with one of their writers and participate in a 48 minute comic as part of a promotion for the 48 Hour Film Festival that was in town. The premise of the festival is that filmmakers have 48 hours to create a film that includes certain elements that are randomly generated.

The 48 minute comic was pretty much the same premise, but I only had 48 minutes to complete the comic. The elements I had where 1.] Genre: Film de Femme, 2.] Character: Janine Lawless, 3.] Profession: Exterminator, 4.] Prop: Bowling Ball, and 5.] Quote: “You can’t get there from here.”

Here’s the final product:

The headed over to the WW office to work on the page and they recorded the whole process and time-lapsed it for their website. Check it out:

It’s pretty cool to see my process like this, even if it was for a page that was so rough and under such a time constraint. I might try to do it again for myself in the future.

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