Americus is a Junior Library Guild Selection!

I just got a package and a little certificate today letting me and MK know that Americus was a Junior Library Guild Selection for Fall 2011. There was a letter that basically said, ‘We’re wicked sorry that we didn’t send this to you like 6 months ago’ and a little pin to go along with the certificate.

It’s cool to get more recognition for the book, even if it’s late. I have forgotten that we could probably be doing a little more to promote it, although it seems the fall season and Banned Book Week will be a good reminder, as well as the upcoming ALA conference in Anaheim this June.

Also: I’ll be at Stumptown this weekend, sharing a table again with the totally rad Breena Wiederhoeft at A-23! Come by and say hi and buy a copy of the Junior Library Guild Selection book Americus or Breena’s Xeric Grant winning Picket Line!

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