We Barely Knew Ye…

My first Blazers fan art! There, I’ve come out! I’m a fan!

But seriously, I’m bummed. First off, he was an Asian brother. Secondly, he was the GM during my first full season as a basketball fan and I’m sentimental. I know he wasn’t quite the schmoozer that KP was, but he still seemed to get the job done. Anyhow, the good side for him, I guess, is that he’s under contract for another three years, so he’ll still be getting paid a shit-ton of money and not do anything.

Anyhow – Goodbye, Rich Cho. We barely knew ye!

Also, at first I was happy with this caricature, but now that I’ve been looking at it for awhile, I think my brain just used my caricature of Barak Obama and gave him braces.

2 thoughts on “We Barely Knew Ye…

    • I guess all this turnover stuff and moving around is something you have to get used to if you’re a basketball fan, huh? i don’t even know what i’m going to do if they get rid of andre miller this offseason. i might cry.

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