Fall 2010 Macmillan catalog

So I got a package from First Second today! It was the Fall 2010 catalog, and it’s pretty awesome to see Americus in there.

It won’t be out until August 30th, but it’s still exciting to see all the little things building up to its release!

2 thoughts on “Fall 2010 Macmillan catalog

  1. very cool! americus won’t be out till august 30th? 🙁 I’ll be stateside for a few days till the end of july and was hoping to finally pick me up a full copy. oh well, will find another way!

    • bummer! i’m sure it won’t be that hard to get a hold of once after it comes out.

      another suggestion: start a book review website or become a teacher and e-mail gina in marketing at first second. she’ll totally hook you up with copies of stuff for review or educational purposes.

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