A Date in Time & Space

So last Friday, Jen and I celebrated our one year anniversary! To commemorate the occasion of us meeting, I have been working on a short comic. This was also my first post-Americus comic, so that’s another reason to celebrate!

Anyhow, she said I could share it with everyone, so here it is. I do warn you: if you have a weak stomach for couples being cute, you might not want to read it. You might barf your brains out.

 And now I’m free from major obligations to start working on other things, mainly my next graphic novel as well as fooling around with a bunch of stuff that I’ve been meaning to the last three or so years. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: If you are interested in reading the comic, you can find it here on my portfolio page. 


7 thoughts on “A Date in Time & Space

  1. Great comic, Jonathan! I did get a bit of a cavity from the sweetness of it all, but everyone should get a cavity now and then.

    • Hey, buddy. What is your screen resolution at? It’s good to know if people can or can’t read it, and at what resolution they are using. That information would help out. If no one can read it, then I will need to reformat the pages and make them bigger.

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