Mention over at Richard’s Poor Almanac

Hey-oh! Hope you all survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Just wanted to make a quick post to mention that the esteemed Mr. Richard Thompson, cartoonist of the best comic strip in print*, Cul de Sac, mentions me and the illustration for Powell’s store map I did for Fan Art Friday over at his blog. The map got published in October, so it’s a bit of old news if you’ve kept up with me at or the internet or whatever. Hidden in the illustration among many other fine literary figures are Petey and Alice from Cul de Sac. Still, I’m so honored to have him like the piece and tell me that I did right by his characters.

Check it out!

*Actually, Cul de Sac is my favorite comic strip of all time. Below is my favorite Cul de Sac, which I guess makes this strip my absolute favorite comic strip of all time.

Have a good weekend!

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